The fear of being different?

Everone’s body shape is different

Teenage girls around the world are constantly being bombarded with pictures of high-end fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vouge, where the pages are filled of models that are over 6 ft tall and a size 6-8 on average. Don’t get me wrong these models are gorgeous and very attractive but these high fashions photo shoots are the reason why girls around the world have distorted images in their heads of what an average sized women should look like. When girls hit puberty and their bodies don’t change the way they expected their little heads go into overdrive wondering why they aren’t skinny like the other girls in their class or not as tall as their best friend. They don’t know what to do!

Girls see these photos day in day out and think that they are going to grown up to be tall and slender, but everyone’s genetics are not programmed to be the next Victoria Secrets Supermodel. Some people have a biggest bust line, some people have a bigger butt then some and some people have a more athletic build then others. We are all different and are meant to be different. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we all had the same body shape?  There would be no gymnasts and no circus performers! What would we do?


GIRLS here is a great site that has other body image blogs on it too!



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